Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hurricane Michael Part three- Debris

As I've said before,  the storm surge is what caused much of the damage in our part of the world. And until you see houses which have been washed out, literally, boulders scattered on the main road and massive chunks of highway, undercut or rippled and nothing holding up the asphalt, it's mind numbing.

As we drove through our area,  the next day or so, after the storm and paths had been cleared on the highway so that single lanes were at least passable, I took many pictures with my phone.  Some of them aren't that great, but I think they show a little of the incredible destruction here.

Where applicable I've blurred out license plates on vehicles and also people. 
The day after the storm, much of 98 was cleared for one lane traffic only.
 As you can see trees, large trees came down, and crossed the highway.
Everyone was courteous driving this single lane.  None of us wanted to veer off to the side and drive on the debris.
 Pieces of docks, sheds, appliances, and more were deposited across the road.

I'm also including some pictures of the debris piles.  Every time I drive past them, I can't help but think of all the heartache that's buried in the debris.  There are priceless relics, heirlooms, memories, unimaginable heartbreak.  Pictures, family treasures, everyday items, and over it all a sense of loss, a feeling of helplessness.
The appliances and furniture that litter the roadsides, still.  Along with the fallen trees, branches and other vegetation.
The force of the surge displaced this boat and the giant baseball which I had thought was safely anchored on a cement base.  The baseball is a bit of a landmark in our area.  The boat and baseball are now back where they belong, on the other side and hopefully safe.
For now.

Much can be replaced, eventually, but so much cannot.  A sense of safety, a place of refuge, forever gone. 
Some people we know will never rebuild there, other's are leaving the area. 

And yet, in our little area, we were extremely lucky. 
The cleanup of the roadways has begun.  Traffic on Hwy 98 comes to a stop as the debris is cleared away. 
So much is gone, but life does go on.