Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ocean dwellers and Beach Time

 This little stream comes down from the forest and drains the swamp water into the bay.  The brown color is tannin from decomposing plant material.
 The Sting Rays don't mind the brown tinted water, at all. 
 They put on a show for us the other day...

 And the bananas are ripening...
So slowly, but they are there. 
I love being able to spend time here, and watch the sunrises on Sunrise Beach.
Hope your week is treating you wonderfully.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The "Beach"

I love going to the beach and seeing the changes from time to time.

Sometimes there's lots of sand, and sometimes not,
it's ever changing.

I love to see the birds, 

the waves,

and what nature does to the man made objects they place on the beach. 
And even the man made stuff that's supposed to last, juts out, a brave face forward...
And nature also gives us bounty as well.