Saturday, October 6, 2012

Looking back, way back, Carlsbad Caverns

I've been lucky enough to do some traveling in this country, gotten to see some interesting places, and some that were more spectacular from a distance than close up.  But that's a story from another day.
Years ago I didn't have a digital camera, I relied on my 35mm and was very cagey about how many pictures I took.   It cost money to develop pictures and you had to be extremely lucky or very talented to get some shots.   I was neither.   But with a digital camera I can take literally hundreds of pictures, and pick just one or two out that are good.  Makes me look good anyway.

 Carlsbad Caverns
Entrance to the caverns, one mile down.  Steep and hard to walk.

 Some of the interesting formations within the caverns,
the sheets of minerals, stalagmites, stalagtites, and other formations I don't know the names of...

 An example of an early lantern used to explore the caverns.


All in all, I think I took, well let me go and count how many pictures, I took almost 200 pictures while underground and some of them were almost worth sharing, but I'm sharing anyway.    And yes, I'd like to go back there, and this time just absorb the incredible formations there and not worry about pictures.   Oh and by the way, if you choose not to walk into the cavern down the 1 mile down trail, they did have an easier entrance, but you don't get quite the same feeling of walking into the bowels of the earth.   Sorry, could not resist saying that.   For more on the history of Carlsbad Caverns, check out this link:   Carlsbad Caverns