Friday, April 8, 2011

Scenes from the beach.

I live on the beach, well, just up from the beach, if I actually lived on the beach I'd get my feet wet on a regular basis.   As it is, I prefer to pick when I put my feet in the water.   My dogs on the other hand, love to get in the water, and will use any excuse to run and play in the surf.   So, I thought I 'd just post a few pictures of our life on the beach.  Dogs, birds and other wildlife. 
Sunrise in one of its many incarnations

Mist coming in off the ocean

Sunrise is one of my favorite times here.
The flower of the Lemon is so sweet...

The clouds always are interesting.

The dogs love the water.
Sunrise again.

A Pelican and a Tern fishing

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm left with a red face, but I had spelled the name of this dish wrong.   (Bad me, 20 lashes with a wet noodle) So, here it is corrected.   And  I still think this is a great way to stretch a little bit of meat to serve a hungry bunch of people.

What do you make when you've got a little bit of leftover steak, a couple of leftover potatoes, and it's not quite enough for dinner?  Well, if you're Danish you make Biksemad. I think in english it's called Hash, but I like the name Biksemad better. This is the dish my mom would make from leftover potatoes and roast. A lot of the time she'd cook a couple of extra potatoes, which just helped to stretch the meat out a little more. And when you top this with a fried egg, I can't think of a better way to eat leftovers and have them be a totally satisfying meal. I have to admit, I sometimes just boil an extra potato so that I can make this for lunch the next day or even for breakfast. One of the best things about this is that you can also use up bits and pieces of leftover veggies as well. I've made this with some leftover cauliflower, beans and also carrots. It's really good with a little leftover onion as well. The permutations are endless, just depends on how what you have and what you want to eat. 

To start with, cut your leftover potatoes in slices and then halve them again.   Do the same thing with the leftover meat.   Keep them roughly equal in size.    

Heat a little oil and butter in a fry pan til hot, then add the potatoes, and let them cook til they brown up a little, then add the meat.    Season with a little salt and pepper at this point.   Let them cook together until the meat is heated and browned a little, and remove to a plate.    

You can then fry the egg in the same pan, or get another pan and fry your egg or two, til it's done to your liking.    Place the egg on top of the meat and potato mixture, add some ketchup, if you like and enjoy.   Personally I like the egg to be over easy so that the luscious yolk dribbles over the potatoes and meat as I eat them.  

And it's that easy.   Now you have an idea for what to do with Sunday's leftover roast and potatoes.

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