Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blue Desert Flowers

I was lucky enough to be able to finally see spring flowers blooming in the desert this spring.   I'd always wanted to see them, but...
I'd been in the right place,at the right time, but they never seemed to mesh.  But, the planets had not been in alignment.   Right place, right time, but not enough moisture over the previous few months.   However, this past spring it all worked out.   And I took pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

I'll just bore you with a few though, along with my thoughts and feelings.     I was going to do an overview of the different colors, but then decided each color or species deserved their very own post.

I saw these gorgeous blue flowers.    They blended in with their foliage from a distance,

but when you got up close the color was so intense, so surreal, so beautiful. well, here they are.

 Are those not incredible colors?   And yet against the gray green of the foliage they just fade away...

I felt so lucky to see these gorgeous flowers, blooming away, and even happier I got to take pictures.