Monday, August 22, 2011

Morning walks

 Every morning is different and nearly every morning the girls and I see something new on our morning walks.   They tend to notice different stuff than me, I see with my eyes and camera and they tend to see with their noses. 
And they do like their walks in the morning.
But they know they can't just go off on their own, so they're waiting, somewhat patiently.

We live in a somewhat humid climate and I've become fascinated with some of the mushrooms I've seen popping up after we've had some rain and even when we've not had a lot.

 I have no idea what kinds these are and really don't care either, I just think they look cool
And mushrooms aren't the only vegetation I take pictures of.

I like flowers too.

And I missed taking pictures of the blackberries when they were ripe, but the Fox grapes are ripe now and I'm sure the bears will be feasting on them soon.
Fox Grapes

There are also insects, who do strange things.

And other critters as well.

And then there are the other places I've been lately, and felt moved to take pictures.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and take a look around and see some of the beauty that surrounds you.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love clouds, the various shapes, the colours that appear at sunset, sunrise, odd moments during the day.

I love the high fluffy ones,

the purposeful ones,

the others that just kind of skitter across the sky. 

And yes I do know that they have names for all the different kinds, but I like to just look at them and ascribe them emotions, it's more fun that way.

There are the brooding ones,

the ones that look like they have a place to get to and are going that way NOW.

I love to see the sun shining out from behind or

just peeking around the corner of the cloud.  

I like to see the shapes, feel the emotions (OK, so I'm kinda fanciful).

And I just plain like to take pictures of clouds.