Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yellow Flowers

I love yellow flowers, doesn't matter what kind they are, they just always look so happy and cheerful. 
So, here are a few of my favourites.

I love the contrast of the thorns and the delicacy of the flowers on Cacti.   There is just something otherworldly about it.

Nestled within, seeking, striving, and yet settled.

A true rose among the thorns, a promise, a wish, a dream fulfilled.
 Here I am, look at me, all the glory here to find.
 a shy little flower, just peeking out.
And then there are these...
 a flash of yellow on the side, a quick glimpse of sun, captured within the red rocks.
 Boldly flowering in the desert sun, ready to seed and renew.
 Lichen, hiding within the cracks of the red rock, venturing out, seeking...

And so much further away, on the Coast.

A quick summer shower, washes off the dust, and refreshes all

 He loves me, he loves me not? 
 And maybe he loves me enough to not pull off any petals at all.

 A glimpse, a peek, through the grasses I go, what will I find on the other side?

And as beautiful as they are in nature, sometimes you just want to bring a little of it into the home.