Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mushrooms, part one

I've become fascinated with the mushrooms popping up this past year.     I'm pretty sure they're not edible, but they are strange and fantastical looking.   So on our morning walks I've been taking pictures and even following a couple along on their life/time line.  

I've been enjoying the fairy like ones with their pale, pale greenish hue and dainty lines, 

 as well as the more robust ones, that pop up from one morning to another, stalwart and strong.  

The puffballs that come up and look so snowy white one day, and turn a pale yellow the next day, then they descend rapidly into darkness.   

And one day, explode, as if someone set off a teeny, tiny bomb within. 

And then there are the ones who impudently push their way up through the roadway from one day to another, looking almost reptilian in nature. 

It amazes me how many different kinds of mushrooms I can see within a very small area of land.    And just how pushy they can be. 

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