Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mountain Goats

A couple months ago when we  I finally got to see Zions Park, we were just on the outskirts of the park, when we spotted a bunch of Mountain Goats clambering around a rather steep slope.  So we pulled off to look at them, and I got fascinated, and took lots of pictures.   And because we'd pulled off to the side to look, we were joined by other people who wanted to see just what it was we were looking at.   We actually stayed there for quite awhile, just watching.   These animals fascinated me.   I knew they were sure footed, I knew they lived up in the rocks, but seeing was really believing for me.   

So, I'm sharing the pictures here. 

Following along behind each other.

We were quite a distance away, but luckily I have a zoom on my camera.

They were pretty nonchalant

Good thing none of them have a fear of falling

There were a total of six in this small herd

She was ready for a rest, and just plopped herself down.

Baby exploring

Just amazing how sure footed these animals are, even the babies.

So there you have it, a few pictures of a bunch animals and I hope I gave a good idea of how steep the slope they were on was.    Just felt privileged to have seen them.

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