Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm still here...

It's been months and months and months since I've updated here, but I've been just a tad busy.

No good excuse I know, but...

So that being said, here's a few pictures I've taken over the past few months.
I love the beach in the winter months.
These are the remains of some of the trees that once inhabited the beach, victims of beach erosion and storms but they linger on.

Flowers by the roadside,  the luminosity draws you in to the point you have to stop and take their picture, fleeting they are, but with a camera you have a record of their being here.

Sunset on the river, always a joy to see. The setting sun, the clouds, the still water on the river.

Went to dinner at a friends house, and saw this eagle sitting in the tree just outside.   I think he was watching out for his dinner as well.

After seeing my poor Poinsettia plant frozen, I was thrilled to see that it was rising from the debris of winter.

I love a rainy day, when it rains so hard you can barely see across the street, and love to feel so snug in my home.
Got to visit a semi man made natural wonder, Rainbow Springs Park, so serene, so lovely and a place I want to return to and walk along the paths and listen to the waterfalls sing.

So there you have a few pictures from the past few months, I have more...

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