Friday, October 15, 2010

Spiders and Squirrels and Herons, oh my...

White Squirrel
Went to visit a friend and saw this little guy.   He likes to hang out with my friend and eat peanuts with her.  He/she is pretty shy and extremely cautious around the hawks and eagles, as he's pretty easy to spot and would make a nice meal.   There are several at this park and are a natural mutation.    Personally, I think he's pretty darn cute.

Arigope Spider
 There really are all kinds of critters roaming around down here.   This one is a silver Arigope spider, and I love how futuristic and metallic looking it is.

Dancing Heron

 And of course, my personal favorite, this Blue Heron who appears to be dancing.    She'd actually been posing very nicely for us when a child ran up behind her and startled her just as I snapped her picture.   One of my all time lucky shots.  

I try to keep my camera with me most of the time, cause when I don't, I always see something I wish I'd taken a shot of.

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