Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Odds and Ends

We survived another Thanksgiving, lol.    Actually we were lucky enough to be invited over to a friends house, and had a wonderful dinner over there.      We couldn't accept every invitation but were very appreciative of those we got.
Along the way, I took this picture.    Viv and Dotti made these centerpieces for the Thanksgiving dinner at CO.   Aren't they lovely?   Simple,  inexpensive and eco-friendly.   The base is lettuce, a nice butter lettuce from the looks, a pillar candle in the middle, a few cut mums and astralagus, a few mini peppers and grapes, equals perfection.      You can recycle the peppers and use them later as well as the grapes.   Plus, if you have a wide shallow bowl, nothing says you can't float the flowers in that and enjoy them as well.  And the lettuce, well, got any ducks or chickens or other livestock handy, they'll be glad to munch those up.

I made a couple of recipes from the Pioneerwoman website this year and brought them to a friends house.
Cranberries bubbling away in Pomegranate juice
Sauce ready to be served.
I have to say it was a little more tart than I expected and I added more sugar than Ree had in her recipe, but it was still very tasty.   Here's the link to the full recipe;
The second recipe was her green bean recipe, this will knock your socks off.    If you are looking for something a little more than the standard green been casserole with mushroom soup and onions on top, you need to try this.    I only made one pound of green beans, but over half the dish was eaten, and there were only six of us eating on it.   This picture is all that was left.  I forgot to take pictures of it bubbling away in the oven, or just after it was taken out.     I did dot the breadcrumbs with a little butter, and I think it helped with the richness of the dish.  But when you think of all the other food served, we did the beans justice.
Here's the link to the Green Bean Casserole from the Pioneerwoman website.
All I have to say is this, anytime you can put bacon, onions, butter, cheese and green beans together in such a sublime concoction, well, YUM.     I will make this again, but I may add some sauteed mushrooms to it the next time, and will probably cook it just a tad longer.   The beans were still a little al dente, if beans can be that way.  

And if you look at the pictures below, the green beans are right there in the middle of the table.    And to the lower left, the cranberries in all their glory. 

 A good time was had by all and we were stuffed by the time we got up.   Didn't leave much room for dessert, but we still managed to do justice to the pumpkin cheesecake and the sweet potato pie.

I hope you and yours also had a good Thanksgiving and had as good a spread as we did.

Now to get back to the Christmas baking...

For more recipes please check out   

All about food. *giggle*

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