Monday, February 20, 2012

My dogs

I just thought I would warn you.    I take a lot of pictures of my dogs, and most of the time they're just your average doggie pics, but every so often I get one that I think I should share.   So you'll have to bear with me.  I'm going to share them here.   My dogs also get to play with other dogs from time to time, and sometimes there's a shot there that is totally awesome.   And then of course there's the posed pictures, sorta, and also...
  Actually, there's more than a few but I'll only bore you with some of the pics.

Mauli and Chimi are both rescue dogs.   Mauli was being 'gotten rid of' because while she had healthy pups, a total of 14 in two separate litters, she was a lousy mom.   We were fortunate enough to get her and had her spayed and so we didn't have to worry if she was a good mom or...  She was three when she came to live with us and as of this post, she is now 14 1/2 and is laying on the floor of my office as I type this.  Her eyesight isn't what it used to be, she gets confused, her legs are starting to betray her, but she's still Mauli, where it counts, in her heart.
She is still the only dog I know that really does like to 'dress up', just isn't really crazy about having her picture taken,

She still loves her tennis ball, one of her favorite games was playing 'goalie' trying to prevent her tennis ball from rolling under the table;
Where did it go?  I see it.

will still play with Chimi,

still gets excited about car rides and beach walks,

Mauli looks like one of the guards in Wizard of Oz, 'You killed her'   See the ball beside her.  She wants it to be thrown again in the lake so she can chase it.

Just a sweet baby girl.

but does prefer to sleep most of the time.    

Along the way she's made some great friends, and one of her best buddies was Nomad, they would play, enjoy the ocean view and nap together.
One of my favorite pictures of Mauli and Nomad. 

Chimi on the other hand came to us a month shy of her first birthday.  She'd been tied outside in a harsh northern winter, and fed, occasionally.    She'd never been groomed,
Chimi the first day we got her.
This is the next day, she had to be shaved, to the skin.  Lots of lesions were found under all the matted hair.

had very few social skills, but became fast friends with Mauli. 
She looked kinda pitiful next to Mauli, but they got along great.

She now loves to play with sticks,
This stick was a little unwieldy, but do-able.

go kayaking,
Loves her Kayaking

play with her friend Sam when she can,
Just out of the pond

Sam's got the ball, and Mauli wants it.

Can't forget her buddy Moose either;
Chasing Moose, for the sheer joy of running

and generally has a good life with us.
Chimi likes to chase Ghost Crabs, but never catches them.
She's a little imp, will push the envelope as much as she can, but the love we get from both dogs is immense.   And I wouldn't trade them for anything. 
Consider a rescue dog for your next pet, I don't think you will be sorry.   There is nothing so grateful as a dog that has a loving home, especially one that has been neglected and abused.   With love, patience and consistency, you too can have a great companion.  

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