Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Pictures

Here's looking at you, well here are a bunch of random pictures I've been taking lately.  This little guy was looking right at us the other day, so I took its picture.

Then there was the neat arrangement of sticks, laying on top of the fire pit.  I liked the juxtaposition of the sticks in front of the water in the background.

From the Sea Oats to the Pelican skimming along the water, it was a lovely day to spend outside.

And a great day for a drive as well.   The Azalea's were in full bloom, Wisteria was hanging from assorted branches and trees and all in all, just a wonderful spring day.

And my final destination that day, this place; a graveyard if you will,  of various trucks and vehicles in a graceful state of decay, returning to the earth.

And finally home to contemplate an arrangement on the windowsill, with silhouettes framed.  


  1. these are great! I love picture taking too!!! well done!!