Saturday, May 11, 2013

Zion's National Park

I finally got to see several places I've wanted to see for years this past month.   One of which was Bryce Canyon National Park, another was Zion's National Park, a third  was Valley of Fire Park and last, but not least was Lake Mead.

I just posted about Bryce Canyon Park, which was actually my favorite of the two, but Zion's was still worth seeing.   Especially since I got to see some more wildlife there.

Here are a few pictures of Zion's, but I have to admit my favorite pictures are the ones I took of the Mountain Goats we saw at the entrance.

I was so intrigued by how sure footed they were and how they just relaxed and hung out on a very sheer (to me at least) rock.  I'm just going to show you a couple pictures of them, cause  they deserve their own post.

 I did get a couple of decent shots, but the day we were there was cool and cloudy and just a touch rainy.   But that was just fine by me.   I'm not a real fan of HOT anyway.

 One of the many spots where you could pull over and look.
 I loved the misty look in this shot.   And yes, I know there are names, some very fanciful names for many of the peaks, but I wasn't that interested in remembering them.

The main road we took to get down to the actual place where we could park and take the tram was a very winding road.   I could look down and see various vehicles making their way.   I then looked at our GPS and felt that a shot of that would make the best statement.   In other words, nuff said.

I have to admit to looking up at the cliffs surrounding us and wondering how many times boulders like the one to the right here, fell down.  Of course this one was surrounded by vegetation, so I figured it had been awhile since it fell.

 As I said, I did look up and wonder...
There was some signage at the Visitors Center which had a great overview of the entire place, along with all the names.   

I do want to mention that the Visitors Center was a ' Super Green' place.  The entire place was heated and cooled just using Nature.   Check out their website for all the details of this amazing place.      I was impressed, now to figure out how to do this at home.

One of the signs along the way.  There are so many places to explore from short hikes to longer day hikes.

I did see a lot of places that would have been fun to explore if we'd had the time.

I'm glad I finally got a chance to see this place, and hope you enjoyed seeing it through my eyes as well. 

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